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Latest News from gasTrading Australia.

June 2021 - Information Notice Available

June 2021 - A special Information Notice has been created and made available in our Spot Market pages under the Invitations sub menu. We invite interested persons to read the notice.

May 21 - April Results and May Bid Information Available

May 21 - The April results and May bid information is now available on our Spot Market pages. Traded quantities for April were down at 400TJ compared to forecast of 525TJ which is likely the impact of sustained market prices with actual average prices at $4.53 per GJ which came in exactly as forecast.

April 21 - March Results Now Available

April 21 - The March results are now available from our Spot Market pages. Volume of traded gas for the month came in below forecast of 483TJ at an actual of 477TJ and forecast price was very close to actual at $4.52/GJ to $4/53/GJ.

March 21 - February Results and March Bid and Scheduled Now Available

March 21 - The February results and March bid and scheduled information is now available on our Spot Market pages. Volume came in lower than expected with actual of 401TJ compared to forecast of 500TJ, however average price came in as expected at $4.55/GJ.

February 2021 - January Results Now Available

February 2021 - The January results are now available on our spot market pages. Volume for the month was 504TJ which was greater than the forecast quantity of 430TJ which was reflective of the market supply situation. The actual average price came in at $3.94/GJ compared to forecast $3.75/GJ which is an increase of $0.19/GJ or around 5%.  

January 21 - December 20 Results Available

January 21 - The December 20 results are now available on our spot market pages. The December volumes came in higher than forecast at actual of 318TJ compared to forecast of 235TJ. Average Price came in exactly as forecast at $3.75/GJ.

December 20 - November Results Now Available

December 20 - The November results are now available on our spot market pages. Volumes for November was slightly higher than forecast at 485TJ compared with actual of 454TJ and average price came in as expected.


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