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Gas Contract Management

gasTrading has been working with clients to assist with the smooth operation of their natural gas supply and transport contracts since 2007. In this time, gasTrading has become the premier provider of Gas Contract Management services.

gasTrading supports miners, pipeline connected customers, distribution connected customers and minor gas producers.

The Gas Contract Management Service provides 365 day a year coverage of gas contract and energy nomination obligations.  It involves working with the client and monitoring the client's gas needs and usage to ensure that the management of the client's gas requirements is as efficient as possible. This reduces the risk of nominating too much or too little gas and minimises fuel costs for the client. From an industry perspective, this focus on gas supply management means that all participants in the gas supply chain are better able to manage their assets. The service includes the submission of nominations to gas suppliers, pipeline operators, market operators and, or, other market participants, as required, and brings into account actual gas flows for the previous day and forecast demand.  The service also entails the making of associated nominations (e.g. electricity) and provides custom reports designed to meet the specific needs of clients and provides external verification for invoice reconciliation purposes.

gasTrading has developed a suite of robust models to perform this service. These models include the translation of mine energy demand into gas and energy contract nominations and the seamless integration of the client’s contracts with the gasTrading Spot Market to manage fluctuations in the client’s gas supply requirements.  Efficient and effective management of gas supply and transport contracts often realises savings to the client in excess of the cost of the service.

Please Contact Us if you would like to explore further the Gas Contract Management service provided by gasTrading.

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