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Gas Trading

gasTrading's aim is to assist companies manage their gas sales and purchases in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

gasTrading has developed a unique set of tools which:

  • Facilitate the management of natural gas contracts,
  • Improve liquidity in the natural gas market; and
  • Lower the transaction costs for all involved in natural gas contracting.

Continued investment in developing these tools ensures that gasTrading stays abreast of the current situation in the natural gas market.

gasTrading offers a Gas Contract Management service and a platform for Spot Market trading which are designed to take the individual requirements of each client into account. gasTrading also secures tranches of firm gas supply and works with Agora Gas, as required, to complete transactions for our clients.

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How we work

Guidelines are provided to give market participants an insight into the high level processes followed by gasTrading in facilitating trades in the Spot Market. These processes are supported by a complex series of robust models. The overriding principle for gasTrading is fair treatment of all Sellers by facilitating non-discriminatory access to sales of equivalent value and transparency to all parties.

How it Works  

What we Do

Distribution Connected Customers

The gas distribution system is the network of gas pipes that reticulate gas through the metropolitan and other heavier populated and industrial areas. In Western Australia, the gas distribution system is owned and operated by ATCO Gas Australia.

Firm Gas Supply

Initially, gasTrading only operated the Spot Market which provided a fully interruptible supply, with curtailments applied firstly to the lowest priced purchasers, and then moving up the price curve of the purchases. 

Specific Pipeline Services

Pipeline Operators have developed a variety of services to assist shippers, beyond the standard reservation of capacity and throughput of gas. Each pipeline offers a different suite of services and manages these services in different ways using different contractual forms.

Gas Transport

gasTrading is active on almost all of Western Australia’s pipelines as it manages client’s contractual entitlements. In addition, the growth of, and increased participation in the Spot Market has led to gasTrading securing a position on the Dampier Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline and Mid West Pipeline.

Spot Market

gasTrading has developed a market in which participants with contracted gas in excess to their needs or production capacity in excess of contractual commitments, and who are interested in selling this surplus, can find purchasers for that gas.

Gas Contract Management

gasTrading has been working with clients to assist with the smooth operation of their natural gas supply and transport contracts since 2007. In this time, gasTrading has become the premier provider of Gas Contract Management services.

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