gasTrading has developed a market in which participants with contracted gas in excess to their needs or production capacity in excess of contractual commitments, and who are interested in selling this surplus, can find purchasers for that gas.

Similarly, participants who need gas, whether for the short or long term, can use this service to source gas to meet their needs. By promoting liquidity in the gas market, gas purchasers have the opportunity to tailor their contract commitments to meet their everyday needs and to use spot purchases and spot sales to meet short duration load swings. With an increasingly open market, fuel costs can be reduced by optimising take or pay purchase commitments for gas. Similarly, producers will be able to place unsold contracted gas or capacity which has not been nominated for delivery on the Spot Market.

gasTrading is of the view that increased transparency and liquidity are of significant benefit to the market. Consequently gasTrading publishes the Historical Prices and Volume information of the Spot Gas Market and also explains How it Works.

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