gasTrading has developed a suite of services to meet the needs of clients and to assist the gas market as a whole. As the market evolves, so too does the level and variety of services offered by gasTrading. The current services being offered by gasTrading are broadly categorised as:

  • Spot Gas Market – enables purchasers to place and sellers to secure natural gas on a fully interruptible basis
  • Gas Contract Management – operates 365 day a year to manage a client’s gas supply and transport arrangements
  • Gas Transport – facilitates the delivery of gas to a client’s site from the Points of Supply using either a firm or interruptible service
  • Specific Pipeline Services –advises clients and assists in the management of the many unique services that a pipeline operator may offer its shippers
  • Firm Gas Supply – procures and manages firm gas supply arrangements for clients
  • Distribution Connected Customers – facilitates access to the broader gas market with flexible supply and other options not generally provided by retailers

gasTrading continues to work in close consultation with its clients to develop additional services.

The services that have been developed by gasTrading are intended to address specific situations and problems experienced by users of small to medium quantities of gas. In particular, these services are designed to:

  • make gas supplies more accessible to purchasers of natural gas
  • assist gas purchasers with the efficient and cost effective management of gas procurement 365 days per year
  • lower the transaction costs to gas purchasers when contracting for gas
  • lower the transaction costs to gas sellers when contracting for gas
  • lower the cost of energy by encouraging liquidity in the gas market

The services outlined are designed with these aims in mind.

For more detailed involvement in specific projects or processes, gasTrading’s sister company, Project Consultancy Services, offers a high level of expert and professional support and advice on a wide range of issues.

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