The gas distribution system is the network of gas pipes that reticulate gas through the metropolitan and other heavier populated and industrial areas. In Western Australia, the gas distribution system is owned and operated by ATCO Gas Australia.

Customers connected to the gas distribution system form the bulk of the retail market, which is run under a scheme managed by the Australian Energy Market Operator, AEMO.

Historically, larger customers (greater than 50 TJ per annum) connected to the gas distribution system have only been able to secure gas from retailers. gasTrading has developed the software to enable any customer connected to the gas distribution system to become a Self-Contracting User. As a Self-Contracting User, the customer contracts directly with the distribution Network Operator, ATCO Gas Australia in Western Australia, for haulage of gas through the gas distribution system. gasTrading’s purpose-built service package meets all of the customer’s nomination and acknowledgement obligations. 

Although gasTrading could become a retailer, and offer a similar service to that of a retailer, gasTrading is firmly of the view that a customer of suitable size is far better off becoming a Self-Contracting User on the Gas Distribution System.

As a Self-Contracting User, a customer effectively moves its delivery point for gas from its site embedded deep within the gas distribution system, to the outlet point of a major pipeline. From a delivery point on a major pipeline a customer can access a wide variety of supplies and services which can be used to optimise energy costs. In mid-2012, a customer could secure gas from the Spot Market at half the price being offered by other retailers. In addition, should a customer increase or decrease consumption, purchases on the Spot Market can be tailored to the customer’s requirements through a simple e-mail or phone call.

Please Contact Us if you would like to understand better the advantages of being a Self-Contracting User on Gas Distribution Networks.

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