The gasTrading Spot Market typically trades gas at the inlet to Western Australia's major pipelines.

On the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (the "DBNGP"), trades of the Spot Market are made at the following Receipt Points:

  • DOMGAS / DDR DBNGP & BEP Total Injections, designation I1-01
  • Harriet Group Receipts, designation I1-02
  • MLV Interconnect (Receipt), designation I1-03
  • Devil Creek, designation I1-04

Trading on the Goldfields Gas Pipeline takes place at the Varanus Island inlet to the pipeline and at the GGP interconnect (with the DBNGP).

Parties seeking to secure supply at other points should contact gasTrading to explore alternatives. gasTrading does offer Gas Transport services to other delivery points. The Standard Form Agreements also allow for a purchaser to appoint an Alternative Shipper to receive its gas if required.

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