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May 2018 - April Results Now Available

The April results are now available on our Spot Market page. Price came in close to expectation at average $3.60/GJ compared with forecast $3.64/GJ which is reflective of the soft market conditions generally. Volume came in slightly under expectations at 105TJ compared with forecast of 108TJ. This is most likely due to direct selling activity upstream.

April 2018 - March Results now available

The March Results are now available in the Spot Market Section. Volumes this month were well down on forecast from an expected 124TJ to actual of 90.4TJ which is reflective of competition in the market place currently. Price came in on forecast at $3.67/GJ.

March 2018 - February Results Available

The results for February are now available. The volume for February was higher then forecast with actual quantity at 191TJ compared with 160.8TJ forecast. Prices were very close to forecast with actual average price $3.71/GJ compared to forecast average price of $$3.73.

January 2018 - Results published

The results for January were in line with expectations as the market conditions remain relatively soft and temperate over the festive period. Average price was $3.87/GJ which was as forecast. Quantities for the month were slightly higher at 168.7TJ compared to forecast of 155.8TJ. 

January 2018 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our valued customers and stakeholders. Results for December 2017 have been posted. Price came in as forecast at an average of $3.88/GJ compared to forecast average of $3.87/GJ. Volume for the month was above expectations at 372TJ compared to forecast of 272TJ.

December 2018 - Merry Christmas

December 2018 - The Forecast and Scheduled results for January are now available. We would like to wish all of our valued customers, suppliers and stakeholders a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year.

November 2017 Results

November 2017 Results - Average Price came in as expected this month at $4.00 per GJ which was lower than last month at $4.11 per GJ and is reflective of soft market conditions, generally.  The volume this month was 314TJ compared with 239TJ last month, which is significantly higher than last month and is reflective of a return to summer month loads and the impact of plant outage. 

October 2017 Results

October 2017 Results - Average Price came in on forecast this month at $4.24 with quantity higher than expected at 239TJ compared to forecast 182TJ.

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